Monthly Return of Hotel Occupancy Tax

This service allows for filing of Pocahontas County Hotel Occupancy Tax. Please use this form monthly even when no taxes due to avoid penalties. All filings are due by 11:59PM on the 15th of the month. This system will accept payment via Electronic Check or Credit Card. Frequent users are encouraged to setup a Gov2GoPay account which will allow you to save payment information for future filings. To setup, choose Gov2GoPay when checking out. There is a $2 charge to use this service. This is added to help support the development of this service. Users paying by credit card will have an additional 2.2% added. There are no additional charges for Electronic Check. Payments will appear as on your credit card or bank account statement.

Contact Information
Filing Information

Enter last day of the filing month as Month day, Year, ie March 31, 2018

Do not include taxes collected in Gross Receipts

Should you have any 30 day stay exemptions, please upload their contract as pdf document

Should you have exemption certificates, please upload as pdf document

Enter credits as negative number, ie. -8 for an eight dollar overpayment. Enter debits as a positive number, ie 5 for a five dollar underpayment in prior month.